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Pastoral Care

Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021

Salmond College adheres to the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021. The purpose of the Code is to ensure appropriate pastoral care is provided to all students in tertiary residential accommodation. Staffing and support systems have been put in place to ensure the wellbeing of all residents. All staff employed by the College seek to support residents and ensure their safety and wellbeing.

The Residents' Handbook outlines the various support systems in place for residents.

Our staff team are well-trained and experienced in all manner of life circumstances.

Residential Leaders and Administration staff are trained in First Aid. Residential Leaders are also trained in fire safety to ensure that in an emergency, residents can safetly evacuate the college.

Pandemic and emergency plans ensure college staff are able to be responsive in emergencies. 2020 has taught us much regarding responsing to a pandemic, and we have careful procedures for documenting student illnesses within the College. Staff take guidance from Healthline and Student Health regarding whether residents require testing for Covid-19. We also follow recommendations by these health professionals regarding Covid-19 Alert Levels, and expect residents to respond to all directives if an outbreak of Covid-19 occurs.

Residential Leaders are also trained in Mental Health First Aid, and throughout the year spend time with Student Health staff updating their skills to be able to effectively support students experiencing mental health issues, and referring them on to senior staff.

We are here to help

Salmond College works closely with the University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic Student Health and Counselling services, our staff can make an urgent appointment for medical or mental health support if the need arises. 

Our Chaplain, Jordan Redding, is a regular visitor to the college and is able to assist residents through the challenges they face. Jordan is an Otago graduate, a compassionate mentor and an excellent listener. He is also a talented musican.

We encourage residents to make sure they seek help if they have any concerns, or if they just need someone to talk to. Help is always available, even during the evenings when security staff are present in the College until at least 4.00am each day.