Salmond College

Salmond College Te Kāreti o Salmond

Our Team

The Salmond College staff prides itself on being a supportive, inclusive team. We are here to help residents in all aspects of residential life.

Nick Bates – Head of College

Nick joined Salmond College in December 2019. Prior to his appointment at Salmond, Nick was Head of Cumberland College from 2013-2019. A former secondary school teacher, school guidance counsellor and youth worker, Nick is a University of Otago graduate and has worked with young people throughout his career. Nick lives in the Head's residence with his wife, Rachel and their son, Harry. Nick and Rachel's other children, Kezia and Heidi and George, also live in Dunedin.

Richard Hewitt Deputy Head of College - Pastoral and Wellbeing

Richard is The Deputy Head of College and has worked at Salmond College in this capacity since 2004. He is a University Of Otago Graduate and lives onsite with partner Vickie and family. Richard is primarily responsible for the academic programme, the pastoral care of residents and the management of the Residential Assistants. Richard works primarily in the afternoons and evenings. He is a connoisseur of good rock music, expecially from the 70s and 80s and enjoys tramping and travelling when he gets a break from college life.

Rachael Carson Deputy Head - Pastoral and Wellbeing

Rachael is a former secondary school teacher and is experienced in the academic and pastoral support of students. Rachael has completed a Bachelor of Arts and Postgraduate Diploma from Otago, and a Diploma in secondary school teaching and Master of Education through Massey University.

She is also a prominent sports coach and coaches the Otago Women's Hockey team.

Rachael's focus is the wellbeing of residents including the Residential Leaders who are key members of the College's pastoral care team. Rachael is also heavily involved in the sporting, cultural and event life at Salmond and suppports residents in their academic pursuits.

You will usually find Rachael around the College in the afternoon and evenings, with her border collie, Maverick.

Operations Manager

Stewart Hibbert is the Operations Manager of both Salmond College and Knox College. Stewart is an experienced manager, overseeing significant work in a number of departments at the University of Otago prior to his current role. Stewart oversees the administration, property, food service aspects of Salmond College and Knox College, and is continually seeking to improve systems to give students the best possible experience. 


Property Team

David Kennedy (Property Manager), Wayne Smith, Neil Leonard and Robbie Arneson are the members of our property team. They ensure the buildings and facilities are well-maintained  and are responsive to day-to-day issues around the College. Robbie keeps the vast grounds at both Salmond and Knox Colleges immaculate.

Wayne Smith - Maintenance Officer

Administration Team

Julie Griffiths (Senior Administrator) and Gina Miller (Administrator) are the engine room of the Salmond College office. They support residents with their day-to-day admin needs and oversee the collection of residents' fees. Julie also oversees the administrators at Knox College. Julie and Gina are often the first point of contact for residents at our centrally located office and they each bring energy and experience to their roles.

Pastoral Assistant

Richie is the Pastoral Assistant at Salmond College. Richie supports residents, and alongside the senior staff leads in the area of Special Character at the College.

Residential Leaders 2023

Nine Residential Assistants (RLs) make up the team of student staff at Salmond. These are senior students who have previously experienced residential college life and are here to lead and serve in the community. There is always an RL on duty in the evening when the administration staff have finished for the day.

Each area of the College has a designated RL to assist residents with general pastoral care, facilitate social activities, help residents adjust to communal life, and help with study or other issues.

RLs spend time in training before the College opens in February, to build their skills for the role and bond as a team. If you are a resident at Salmond College this year, the RLs are your big brothers and sisters who are always available for advice or just a friendly chat.