Salmond College

Salmond College Te Kāreti o Salmond

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General information

For more indepth information and up-to-date protocols please refer to the Residents' Handbook at the top of this page.


Residents are encouraged to look upon their bedrooms as their homes for the year and keep them tidy. Rooms are cleaned once a week by our contracted cleaning staff on a roster which Residential Leaders will communicate. Residents may borrow a vacuum cleaner from the store room on the ground floor if they wish to clean their room at other times, which should be returned immediately after use so they are available to other residents.

Posters and pictures may be used to decorate rooms, but only blu-tac should be used to put them up. Nothing is to be fixed to the ceiling. At the end of the year the room is to be left in the condition in which it was found. A charge is made for all damaged or missing items – any accidental damage should be reported immediately.

Sheet Change

Sheet change takes place from the linen room on Page Ground corridor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from approximately 7.00-7.30pm. Residents may change their sheets and pillowcase once a week


An electronic swipe card is issued to each resident. This enables them to access their bedroom and all appropriate areas of the College. Residents are advised to always keep their doors locked when they leave their room.

Luggage Storage

One clearly labelled item of luggage may be stored in the luggage room on the ground floor, if there is space available. Extra luggage items should be stored in the resident's room.


Mail is sorted by the office staff on weekdays and the duty RL at weekends, and letters for residents are put in the pigeonholes at the end of Page Ground floor corridor. Parcels and registered mail are kept at the office for residents to collect – a list of residents receiving such mail is posted weekdays on the electronic noticeboard.
Please make sure that the resident’s name is clearly marked on any packages/envelopes.


Pets are not permitted in the College.


Salmond College and its grounds are smoke and vape free areas, both inside and outside the building. However there is a small area beside the bikeshed at the rear of the building where smokers and vapers may indulge. There is no tolerance for smoking or vaping in the building as it is a fire risk and can activate the fire detection system.


Residents should enter any maintenance requests on the student portal so that issues can be attended to promptly. Emergency situations, such as leaks or faults should be reported to administration staff during office hours, or the RL on duty after hours.