Didn't quite know what to think, especially coming down here from Wellington a short, slightly good looking but infinitely nervous young man, but Salmond exceeded all my expectations. Warm rooms, lovely people ranging from peers to kitchen staff to management, decent facilities and everything you need to get started and settled into life down here. Everyone is very welcoming, and the new management are constantly working hard to try and provide to the needs of everyone; they are very easy to talk to. The College food, a worry for many, greatly exceeded my expectations. All in all, there was a great mix of people in my year, very few dramas, and lots of changes from previous years. Only thing would be the walk to campus, but you're in the same boat as Knox and Aquinas, and the daily shuttle sort of removes that factor. Would recommend to all looking for a nice, friendly place to get settled into for your first year at the Uni or Polytech.

Sam Peters

Really enjoying my time at the College this year. The fact that it includes both Polytech students as well as Uni means that there is a good mix of people and also makes meeting people really easy! Everyone is so welcoming, especially the management and residential leaders which makes the transition from College to Uni, and home to College, really easy. Rooms are decent sized and really warm. Walk to polytech is a bit long but the evening shuttles makes this easy and the walk through the gardens is really enjoyable. Would recommend to all!

Reani Ferrer

I've had a great time at Salmond College this year. It is a welcoming and friendly College and I have met some really awesome people. The staff are always there for advice and always have your back. Definitely go to Salmond, it's a fab time.

Maddy Taylor

So glad I came to Salmond this year, I've had a great time! It has been a good living environment and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Olivia Neame

I have really enjoyed my time at Salmond this year, it is a great College for first year students. I have made lovely friends, the food is really good and the College is always warm. The staff are lovely and are always willing to help you out if you need it. I would definitely recommend Salmond to anyone!

Jaimee Bamford