Residential Leaders Wanted for 2020

Applications are now closed for the position of Residential Leader for 2020. 

This position will give you invaluable experience in pastoral care and leadership, and will significantly strengthen your CV. 

It involves working up to 17 hours a week (34 hours a fortnight) and being part of a dynamic team of other Residential Leaders.

You will not be expected to be a mental health expert, counsellor or therapist, but you will be expected to display basic pastoral and leadership skills, to show that you care, and to know when to call for support or refer to others with greater expertise and experience than your own. You will receive basic training, and you will be well supported in your role. 

In addition to receiving good training and support, you will be realistically remunerated.

To view a copy of the Job Description, click here

To apply for the position, please send the following documents to the Head of Salmond  College, Maurie Jackways, at

1. A letter /email of application, stating why you're interested in the role of Residential Leader and why you think you would be suitable for the position. In your letter/email you should demonstrate that you have read the Residential Leader Job Description and that you have some knowledge of Salmond College.

2. An Application Form, which can be downloaded by clicking here

Please note that the Application Form should include the names of two referees.

3. A current CV

If you have any questions about the Residential Leader role at Salmond College, including terms of employment or the appointment process, please contact the Head of College by email above, or through 021685115