The 2014 BNZ Scholarship

31st October 2014

The BNZ Scholarship is a special bursary for 2014 and awarded through the generosity of the Bank of New Zealand which holds a solid reputation as a community-focused organisation and with whom the College has a strong business relationship. The total value of the award is $1,000 and it is awarded to the student/s who exemplify the qualities of community service through investing their time and talent to better the College community or the local community. The successful recipient/s may be an individual resident or shared amongst a group of residents who can provide clear evidence of a positive, consistent and significant contribution to the College or local community.

The recipient of the 2014 BNZ Scholarship is JT Taylor who has made the most significant all-round contribution to the College in 2014.

JT is someone who always has a positive attitude, who is willing to do anything when asked, who is a positive role model, excellent sportsperson, musician and actor and a wonderful leader.