Salmond Scholarships for 2021

3rd August 2020

Salmond College Scholarships


From 1 August 2020, the Foundation for Knox College and Salmond College invites applications for scholarships to attend Salmond College in 2021. The Foundation offers two types of scholarships:  

All scholarship recipients are expected to be actively involved in the life of the College.

               1. Scholarships for first year students

The Foundation of Knox College and Salmond College provides several scholarships for students attending Salmond College for the first time. Each scholarship is worth between $1000 to $4000. Eligibility for these scholarships, the criteria for selection and the selection process as well as the application form can be found at the Foundation’s Website

2. Scholarships for returning students

The Foundation of Knox College and Salmond College also provides several scholarships for returning students who have made a significant contribution to the life of the College in a preceding year. These scholarships are normally worth up to $1000 each,

Applications for returners’ scholarships should be made by email to the Head of College:

Criteria for returners’ scholarships

a. Eligibility

            Applicants must:

b. Selection Process

A Selection Committee comprising, the Head and Deputy Head of Salmond College and a Trustee from the Foundation of Knox College and Salmond College, shall consider the following factors in awarding the scholarships:


c. Tenure

d. Other Requirements

            Each scholarship recipient must:


e.    Timeline

            Applications close at midnight on Wednesday, 30th September 2020.