New Residents FAQ

  1. Ideas for Parents/Guardians/Friends
  2. Arriving at Salmond
    1. Clothing
    2. Communication within the College
    3. Insurance
  3. Your Room
    1. Bedding
    2. Candles
    3. Electrical
    4. Furnishings
    5. Kitchen
    6. Musical Instruments
    7. Pets
  4. Dining at Salmond
  5. Health, Safety & Well-Being
    1. Residential Leaders
    2. What happens if you get sick?
    3. Guests
    4. Alcohol Free
    5. If you are under 18
    6. Security
  6. Academic Support
    1. Computers & Internet
  7. Transport & Parking
  8. Sustainable Salmond
  9. Resident Conduct, Rules and Discipline
  10. Withdrawing

Ideas for Parents/Guardians/Friends

It is important that residents feel at home in their rooms. Anything that makes their space more comfortable is always welcome e.g. cushions, throw, framed photos, posters, etc. (please note that only genuine Blutac can be used - no nails, screws sellotape, drawing pins, etc. are allowed).

Towels are  not provided by the College so a couple of sets are recommended. Rooms are not en-suite and so a decent dressing, slippers, wash bag are also a nice idea

Residents always appreciate care packs throughout the year and these can be couriered directly to Salmond. The address is:

Salmond College
19 Knox Street
North East Valley
Dunedin 9010

Residents will be notified when parcels, home baking, flowers arrive for them. Please ensure packages are clearly labelled with the correct name, we cannot deliver birthday cards to 'Bro'!

Arriving at Salmond

On arrival residents will be met by a staff member or returning student. Residents will be asked to go to the Office to complete some paperwork and sign for their keycard. We recommend that if residents have a vehicle that they have their license plate number handy so that they can receive a Salmond Parking Permit.

The College session will open on Saturday 17th February 2018, with the first meal being dinner that evening. There is no accommodation available for friends or family at this time of year. We recommend family make bookings at nearby motels or hotels. They are welcome to come and help residents move in and tea and coffee will be available.

Salmond holds lots of events in the first week so that residents can meet each other and start making friends. We recommend residents stay in College as much as possible. If parents wish to take them out for a farewell meal then lunch on the Sunday would be preferable to a dinner date.



Pajamas/Nightgown/Onesie, Dressing Gown and slippers are required minimum standard of dress at breakfast.

Formal Dinners:

Formal dinners are held throughout the academic year. Residents are expected to dress acceptably. [Men: collar and tie, good trousers; Women: skirts, dresses or good trousers (not casual clothes)]


Life at Salmond is regularly punctuated by events such as the Ball, Mid-Winter Christmas and a Birthday Day. Residents can prepare for these by bringing their finery. We also have an annual ski-trip so don't forget your snow boots!

Communication within the College

The main means of in-house communication are a Facebook Group and an electronic noticeboard.


You are urged to take out appropriate insurance on all belongings while resident in the College, as the College Council takes no responsibility for loss or damage of any kind.

Your Room

The allocation of rooms is at the Head of College's discretion. You cannot swap rooms without the permission of the Head or Deputy Head of College.

Each bedroom comes fully furnished with:

Your room will be cleaned once a week by College staff. The cleaning staff take a personal interest in the well-being of the residents in their area, and in return residents treat them with courtesy and consideration.

It is a feature of College life that residents decorate and enhance their rooms, generally with posters and other objects of personal choice. Because of the structure of the buildings, there are come conditions attached to this. Sellotape, drawing pins, tacks, nails, etc. may not be used because of the damage they do to paintwork, plaster and woodwork. Self-adhesive labels, hooks etc. must not be used anywhere in the College. You are asked to use only genuine Blutac when fixing posters to walls.

You should always lock your door when you are asleep and when you leave your room.


The College provides each resident with bedding and a pillow. You may wish to bring an extra pillow or throw. Such items should be named. Sheets and pillowcases are provided and are laundered weekly. You must bring your own towels, which should also be named.


Because of the fire risk candles and incense are not allowed in bedrooms.


You may bring electrical equipment ONLY if it has been tested and tagged (i.e. certified as safe) by a qualified electrician. Do not bring electric blankets, cooking appliances, heated towel rails or irons. The College is centrally heated and provides irons and ironing boards. Early each semester, audits are done of residents' appliances; untagged appliances are tested and tagged by electrical contractors at residents' expense. Multiple power board should all have built in overload protectors to prevent fusing and electrical fires.


The rooms are fully furnished. Stereos and television sets may be brought. Headphones will be useful because silence hours must be respected.


The College provides toasters, electric kettles, microwave ovens and refrigerators. Personal kitchen appliances are not permitted in student rooms. You should bring any cups, plates, food containers and other utensils needed for between meal snacks

Personal cooking appliances, including, but not limited to, fry-pans, grill machines and sandwich makers, are not allowed and will be confiscated.

Musical Instruments

Those with musical talents are strongly urged to bring their instruments to the College. There are many opportunities to perform, especially at Sunday night dinners. Those with vocal talents will always find there is a skilled accompanist or two amongst the residents.


Pets are not permitted in the College.

Dining at Salmond

Health, Safety & Well-Being

Each member of Salmond accepts a responsibility to help make life within the College as safe, healthy and enjoyable as possible for every individual resident

Salmond College staff are able to support you in all manner of things that may come your way during your stay with us. We consider our staff team to be safe, well trained and experienced in all manner of life circumstances. If you need help, are not sure where to get help, or just want to talk about something that has happened to you, or you would like to talk about something you are worried about, feel free to talk with any of the Residential Leaders, the Deputy or the Head of College.

The University of Otago Chaplaincy Service has an excellent booklet on homesickness which you may find useful.

Residential Leaders

Residential Leaders are senior tertiary students employed by Salmond College. The 'RLs' live amongst the residents, one within each wing per floor. They are rostered to cover nights and weekends so there is always someone available to help you or just to have a coffee and chat with.

What happens if you get sick?

Make sure you tell your RL, friends or any of our staff that you are feeling unwell. We will be able to organise meals to be delivered to your room and help you to contact Student Health. All Residential Leaders hold current First Aid Certificates.


Residents are welcome to bring guests into the College for overnight stays, except during Orientation Week, the first week of lectures of each semester and the week prior to exams each semester. Prior to guests arriving, the host resident must complete a Guest Accommodation Form. An overnight charge is levied, which includes breakfast, plus additional charges should the guest attend lunch or dinner at the College.

Alcohol Free

If you have requested an Alcohol Free Room then you will be placed in an area with other residents who have made the same request.

If you are under 18

Your parents/guardians must sign the Alcohol Permission Form and return it to the College if you wish to consume limited amounts of alcohol at official College events prior to turning 18.


The College buildings are fitted with an access-controlled security system. On arrival you will be issued with a keycard by which you will gain access to your room and the College buildings after the outside doors have been locked.

Security Guards are employed from 9.00pm every night to patrol the College.

Academic Support

Tutorials are a key element in Salmond's on-going academic success, and complement University run classes. In general, if five residents request a tutorial in any particular area it will be organised. Weekly tutorials normally last an hour, although longer sessions may be run by request. Tutors are appointed on the recommendation of University departments.

In association with the University's Student Learning Centre, we also offer general study skills sessions and examination techniques. In some cases, residents may require extra help outside the tutorial programme, there are a number of options available. Residents should not hesitate to contact the head and/or Deputy Head and ask for advice.

We strongly recommend that residents explore the Student Learning Centre Resources before embarking on their University study.

Computers & Internet

Almost all residents bring their own computer/laptop with them to University. All bedrooms, and communal areas, have Wi-Fi to the University computer network.

You will not need to sign up with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as the University of Otago acts as the ISP for all students connected to this system. Once you enrol at Uni your usename will be activated.

The computer room is on the ground floor on the Macalistair Wing. This is for the use of Salmond residents only and has keycard access at all times. No non-residents are allowed in the computer room.

All users are asked to store material on their own memory stick. The computers are provided for work only, not for playing games, an Xbox is provided in the games room.

Each resident is given a printer account, which automatically bills for usage and can be accessed by a personal code issued by the College Office.

Transport & Parking

There are free shuttles to the Uni at 7.30am and to Foundation Studies at 8.30am.

The College also provides a shuttle bus service to transport students back from the University. The shuttles leave the University at 6.00pm, 9.10pm and 11.00pm.

Dunedin has an excellent bus service with discounts offered for students. The local bus stop is called 'Gardens' and is located opposite Pet Planet on Bank Street and the last bus home from the central city is 11.15pm nightly.

If you bring a car, motorbike or scooter you must register it at the College Office as soon as possible after your arrival. You will be issued with a Salmond parking permit. There are specified student car parks within the College grounds.

The College has a secure bicycle shed.

Sustainable Salmond

The College aims to adopt principles of environmentally sustainable living. Residents are encouraged to take the following measures:

Resident Conduct, Rules & Discipline

Living in a community of more than 261 people requires tolerance and consideration for others.All residents at Salmond College have the right to live, work and sleep in a safe and peaceful environment. Please familiarise yourself with the Residents Information Booklet.


If you accept an offer of a place then withdraw before 1st February your bond, building levy, printing and activity fees will be refunded, the administration fee will not be refunded.

If you leave within the year you will still be liable for the full years fees unless a suitable replacement resident can be found to take over your room. The replacement resident must meet the approval of the Head of College and will then become liable for the rest of the years fees plus the initial entry fee.