Purpose-built as a university residential college, everything about Salmond’s living space works. This medium-sized community, 238 residents in individual rooms all under the one roof, is spoilt with generous facilities and a huge sense of space. The dining room caters for everyone in one sitting, the common room is expansive plus there are smaller common rooms on every floor. Tutorial rooms are modern and roomy. An ensuited residential wing offers mature students the opportunity to also apply for Salmond College.

Salmond is a supportive “family” community where everyone is encouraged to “look out” for each other. The College is full of happy everyday students from all over New Zealand and the world and it is joy to see how they develop confidence through the year and grow as individuals. The family concept is fully encouraged: residents do things together, treat each other with respect and as adults, and look after each other really well.

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Email Problems

If you have an MSN email account e.g. hotmail, outlook.com, please ensure you add the University of Otago and Salmond College as safe senders otherwise you may not receive any emails from us.

If students contact you about this issue, please ensure they go through the following steps to add the University into their safe senders on their accounts:

  • Log into your Hotmail/Outlook.com account
  • Click on the Settings cog at the top right of your screen
  • Select Options
  • Select Safe and blocked senders
  • Click on Safe senders
  • Enter @otago.ac.nz in the field provided
  • Click on Add to list
  • You will see @otago.ac.nz is now in your safe senders and domains list
  • Repeat for @salmondcollege.ac.nz

The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award

Do you want to complete your D. of E. Silver or Gold Award?

Students staying at Salmond or Knox College are able to continue with their Silver or Gold Awards while at Otago University as we are a registered Licensed Award Unit.

Contact head@salmondcollege.ac.nz for further information.

Emergencies: In case of an emergency please go to the University of Otago website for Information.

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